Frequently asked questions

Can I get a pack of a different color?

At this time we only have the Black variety but are working on a different color of pack. If there is a particular color that you would love to see please reach out and let us know. Thank you!

How can I clean the Xtra Pocket Pack?

The packs can be cleaned with a chlorohexedine wipes because they are made of ballistic nylon.

The straps are not long enough, what can I do?

The straps are extendable and can fit a waist of up to 48" inches. If you require more strap, we do sell an Xtra Strap if you require a longer strap. The Xtra Strap extends the length for up to an additional 28".

Is the owner really a nurse?

Not really a question we get often but yes the owner and creater of these bags is a RN that works on the floor every week and created these packs because he realized that there is a serious need for a pack that can hold the items that nurses use all the time.